Welcome to my website.

Living in Orkney everywhere you go there is a photo opportunity. The landscapes, seascapes, numerous beaches, sunsets and wildlife.

My love of photography truly began when my first son was born in 2009. I now have three sons and from photographing them I progressed into portrait photography as well as Orkney scenery.

Some of my favourite subjects are puffins, seals and waves.



Puffins also known in Orkney as Tammie Norrie or Clowns of the Sea.

One of the best places to see puffins is the Castle o Burrian in Westray, this is where all my puffin photos were taken.

Puffins come into the cliffs in April/May time to nest and the young leave at the end of July for sea. So there are only 2 to 3 months per year you can see them. Outside the breeding season, it spends all its time at sea.

If you sit quietly you can get very close to the puffins.

Seals we call them Selkies in Orkney. Orkney is an internationally important breeding site for seals. There are two species, the grey seal and the common seal. Most of my selkie shots were taken in Westray directly below my parent’s house at the shore where they love to lay on the rocks. They are friendly and inquisitive but are startled easily if you are not quiet enough!

I also love the beach and the waves. The beach is a great family day out for us and a good opportunity to collect sea glass for my crafts and take photos! I could sit for hours taking photos of rough seas.

Capture special moments in time forever.

Todays moments are tomorrows memories, be happy this moment, this moment is your life.

I hope you enjoy the website, my memories, while I help you make yours.